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What's our true north?

I've been drawn to all sorts of ambitions in my life. Through each of my endeavors, I've grown, changed, and learned more about myself each step of the journey.

This project has been the culmination in that desire for direction. I admire people that have a clear vision of their destination, but for me -- I’ve relied solely on direction and passion, and I’m really happy with where I’ve landed. I hope my music creates a sense of that for you as you listen.
Kardnl Direction
What grounds us?

While the project has a background in several different genres, including Progressive House, Future Bass, and Synth-Pop, I will continue to find creative new ways to remind you of that sense of nostalgia, longing, and hope that Kardnl was founded on.
Kardnl Direction
Where have we been?

By the end of 2023, the project has grown a lot!

  • 35k+ total streams across platforms
  • 5 DJ Mixes
  • 2 Record label releases

From playing in intimate rooms in Brooklyn, NY to highlights in the New York City Pride Parade, the Kardnl project will continue to grow, wherever it will take us.
Kardnl Direction
So where are we going?

The future is looking bright! I’ll be focusing on deep house to help you (and myself) let go a little more. This direction will be supported with new content and visuals to illustrate the mindset I was in while creating the music.

As always, I’m open to collaborating with other artists to bring that Kardnl sound you know and love.