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How It All Started

People ask "Why did you start making music?"

The fun story (and easy to share reason) I give is that when I went to Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas 2016, I saw the Chainsmokers and thought to myself "I wish this song used a different chord progression". I figured I could do it better, and then YEARS later, I can't do it better but I have done it differently.

The real (less sexy) reason is because after college, at my first job, I was traveling 2-3 weeks out of the month and didn't have time for hobbies or things that interested me. I came to the point where I realized I was a more boring/less interesting person than I was in college or high school. I wanted to find something that I could engage with while traveling and that I cared about, and for music production, all I needed was a laptop and some headphones.

Over the years, producing music has been one of the best and most frustrating experiences I've been through but it's helped me create a community of my own and some special moments that only other creatives understand when people get to experience something you made.

Through this blog, I hope to get in touch with writing again. I want to combine my passion for music and my love for writing and see what happens. I'll share some demos of songs I'm working on, album art to showcase what I've felt during the creative process, and highlights along my production journey.

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I will say, for those looking to create (music, art, photography, write, anything), fall in love with the art, fall in love with the process, learn as much as you can, and find connections and like-minded people. You may not end up where you thought you would be, but you'll love the journey.

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